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Huevos Tortillas

Prep Time


Cooking Time

10 minutes


1 6" corn tortilla (whole wheat is good too)

1 egg

1 T of hot sauce or salsa

1/3 C of black beans

1/4 C of feta, shredded jack cheese or cotija cheese

chopped peppers (optional) 


heat skillet and spray with canola or olive oil spray and sprinkle with salt

lightly saute tortilla for about 1 minute on each side 

wrap in foil to keep warm

prepare egg to preference (fried or scrambled)

meanwhile heat up beans in small sauce pan

top tortilla with beans, then egg.

sprinkle with cheese and peppers and top with salsa or hot sauce 


For those who like super spicy dishes use fresh jalepenos. Others may choose green bell peppers, poblanos or shishito peppers