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Choi G - Lost 20+ pounds

I love working with Karen! She has an amazing ability to listen to you and make very simple but impactful recommendations. Also, the follow up emails she sends after each session help me stay focused. Any time I lose my focus I know that it's just for today, not forever. Karen has helped me see this and I have benefited greatly from it.
The best part of my time with Karen is that she works with you -- we created and adjusted action items together so I felt greatly invested in my decisions. She brings no judgments and gives you tons of support.


Marie H -- Found New Direction in Life

Karen is incredibly empathetic, supportive, and nonjudgmental. Working with her is a joy.  With her help, something I had been thinking about for four years prior became a reality. I had recently left my job and I really wanted to figure out what would come next. Halfway through my program with Karen I took the leap to start a business – all because of the clarity I gained through my discussions with Karen.  

Allison S -- Discovered Healthier Eating

When I started, I had all these small but real barriers to my goals and I just couldn't figure out how to be consistent with a hectic schedule. Karen helped me think through all the things I could change, instead of my focusing on what I couldn't, and I've been able to indeed keep up with what she found  for me.  Now, I really do understand -- and use -- the difference between self-care and self-indulgence. And, I figured out what I enjoy about exercise and now I see exercise as a treat for myself, rather than another chore I have to do. 

Karen is Infinitely resourceful. Despite all my "can't's" she kept coming at me with a variety of suggestions, and yes, a number of them stuck. Plus, she's also very empathetic, and hearing how she went through similar problem-solving really helped. And, I can't leave out fun -- I really looked forward to our sessions!

When you've hit a wall -- when you want to be healthier, but you just can't see your way there. Karen can help you think through all the little details and small changes to get you to a better life.

Carlos G. -- Turned Around Unhealthy Habits

I’ve known Karen Azeez for as number of years. But when I saw her after she had adopted a healthier lifestyle and began her studies as a health coach, I was shocked. She was not only a lot trimmer, but appeared fresh skinned and happy. She was a walking advertisement for health and wellbeing. 

 As I had recently been diagnosed with high blood sugar, pressure and cholesterol, I was anxious to talk to her about how she was able to transform herself. I had been to see several nutritionists with not so good results, gained more weight than I was comfortable with and, in general, did not feel well. 

I immediately felt comfortable with Karen from our first session. Her counseling style was energetic, but easy going. She has a way of breaking down the required information so that even a novice like myself could acquire a basic understanding of healthy eating habits.  

But more than that, I felt like she understood my struggle with life-long unproductive habits, and I really appreciated her gentle problem-solving responses. I also found her extremely easy to talk to, which made the process of changing my life-eating habits simpler to negotiate.

In essence, her approach was not so much one of dieting to lose weight, but creating a sustainable food plan which I can implement successfully for the rest of my life.

Kristina L. -- Embarked on a New Life

I was caught in a cycle of late night fast food and old TV reruns. Then I read in Karen’s newsletter “it’s hard to make changes alone.” I knew right then I needed to call her. Karen’s experience and care has helped me to want to change. Our sessions are filled with hope and conversation about solutions to the problems I was ignoring. She has helped me to find my right mind again. We are creating a way out of this dark cycle that had become my solace. Food has always been a problem area for me, but with her guidance I am making healthy vibrant choices. I feel renewed and refreshed, and hopeful – and I’m even cooking!

Dee K.  -- Found Support and Direction

Karen’s approach to nutrition and weight loss is practical and doable.  She begins by setting small, realistic goals.  Her handouts are helpful as she teaches each client about the overall changes that contribute to one’s nutrition goals.  She is patient, good humored, and empathetic, having gone through the process in her own life.  Karen is a great resource to have in your corner as you embark on a journey that reinvents your relationship to food and nutrition.
Ann O - Lost Stubborn Weight

Working with Karen, have lost 12 pounds pretty effortlessly, and have learned a lot. I Highly recommend her program if you want to shed some lbs. and live a healthier life!


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